Post Bariatric or Massive Weight Loss Patients (MWLP)


What is Post Bariatric or Massive Weight Loss Patients (MWLP)?

The most common procedures patients that have lost a lot of weight request are tummy tucks, breast lift or reduction, arm and thigh lifts, and face and neck lifts. Technically these procedures are done the same way as on other patients. There are several considerations that need to be taken into account when planning and performing these procedures on MWLP

Will insurance cover my surgery after I lose weight?

Not always.  Insurance companies have their own criteria that need to be fulfilled before surgery is performed. Our office has created a checklist to help make this process easier for our patients. With few exceptions, only the tummy tuck and occasionally the breasts are covered by insurance.

How is surgery on MWLP different than on patients that have not had the massive weight loss?

There are several ways it differs:
  • Markings: because MWLP have such a great deal of extra skin, the typical landmarks are difficult to define. It is much more difficult to get the final scar to be in just the right place.
  • Length of Surgery: because of the extra skin the operative times are usually longer for MWLP.
  • Planning and Sequence: there is no set sequence and this differs on anatomy and the patients goals and desires.
  • Higher Complication Rate: this is due to several factors. The main contributing factors are the extra work and longer operative time.
  • Higher Revision Rates: as expected this is due to the same factors.


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