Permanent Cosmetics & Cosmetic Tattooing


Cosmetic tattooing is the art & science of implanting color into the skin.  Cosmetic tattooing gives the illusion of color where we have lost it or have never had it.  Fuller lips, thicker brows & a thicker lash line all bring back youthfulness.  Because the color is placed “in” your skin & not “on” your skin, the results tend to be a softer, more natural look – though a bold look is optional as well.

Scar camouflage can be done on scars that have healed white – this will blend the scar back to your flesh tone.  Breast cancer patients who have lost the areola, or color due to a surgical procedure, can be brought back to a natural appearance with cosmetic tattooing.

Along with being one of our Licensed Aestheticians, Kendra Crawford is also our Certified Permanent Cosmetics Specialist and has been providing permanent cosmetics services since 2001.


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